Pauline Argenson

With over 10 years working in agencies and in-house teams, Pauline have helped over 100 businesses from various industries to navigate their marketing strategy. This diverse set of experiences allows me to handle any challenge your company is facing.

Born and raised in France, she has always been passionate about human interactions. Curious by nature, she feels fulfilled to observe, listen, and try to find solutions on a case-by-case basis. 

She also taking pride in carrying on the foundations of her French culture, built on the commitment to quality and attention to detail.

She can’t wait to talk with you about your business and how QUARTZ will help make it succeed.

Branding Expert | Co-Founder

Anne-Héloise Chavin

With a strong brand marketing background acquired working for Procter & Gamble and Nespresso,  Anne-Héloïse helps entrepreneurs launch and grow a brand that is authentic to them, their purpose and their audience.

She enjoys working with entrepreneurs who have a strong purpose, a clear vision and who are animated by ethical, eco-conscious and inclusive values, who like to challenge the status quo and are not afraid to build a truly unique brand.

She focuses heavily on brand strategy, a key step in crafting a soulful brand with a unique personality.

Content Creator | Community Relationship Manager

Candy Pastre

Candy joins QUARTZ Agency from Hermès, where she was in charge of the E-commerce and Digital Customer Service.

Candy assisted in building the omnichannel strategy and activation across multiple categories and a large cross functional team.

Candy has enjoyed a 14-year career at Hermès in various roles of increasing responsibility across sales, customer service, digital transformation and ecommerce.

She holds a Master of Art, Science in Communication & Cultural Mediation from the French University of Nice and a Community Manager certification from the French Digital School in Paris.

Account Manager

Emma Rodriguez

Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York, she is a tech-savvy business professional who specializes in customer relations and has been in the luxury business for over 6 years. 

She is driven to create opportunities for clients to grow and succeed and help to achieve that goal in any way possible. 

She believes in building long relationships and understanding who the other person is, where they’re coming from and where they want to be, and how both can feed off of each other to strive towards the same goal.

Born from a Dutch mother and a Mexican father, she brings a unique experience and understanding of many cultures to QUARTZ.