Disrupting the perfume industry for a new generation


QUARTZ was asked to aid in the positioning of SO SCENT° ‘s brand towards a greater sense of quality and luxury for its consumers. Finding themselves in a digital age and at a stage where millennial-minded consumers are dominating the luxury market, they decided they needed new acquisition channels, such as SEO and PPC, that would allow them to reach new target audiences.


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Based in New York, SO SCENT° is a perfume brand that breaks the traditional rules of perfumery. The brand offers a creative and audacious collection of 5 fragrances, hype, genderless, long lasting, handcrafted from the highest quality ingredients. In an environment as competitive as the cosmetics and perfume industries, SO SCENT° came to us looking for a way to stand out.


With a strong focus on brand recognition and conversion campaigns through content marketing, paid social and search channels, we got to work on a holistic strategy for the brand. Our multi-channel approach included:

Social Ads

Campaigns utilizing custom audiences, lookalikes audiences, remarketing & internal audiences to grow social proof and educate potential customers about the brand.

SEO | Content Marketing

There were clear opportunities to consolidate the organic traffic through the website blog, which constituted a significant portion of the website traffic. We identified this as a key opportunity to drive further growth.

Conversion Optimization

Analysis of site to optimize the conversion funnel and improve the pathway to purchase. We also conducted home and product-page template modifications to address potential breaks in the conversion funnel.
Our strategy worked to help turn pages viewed into products ordered, with significant growth in a number of revenue-focused metrics within the very first month. Here are some high points from what we were able to accomplish with SO SCENT°:
+ 0 %
Orders Increase in Month 1
0.5 %
CTR from Social Ads

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