Generating high quality leads for luxury real estate through PPC campaigns


BARNES Miami partnered with QUARTZ, a top Miami-based digital-marketing agency with a goal of driving high-quality, paid-search leads that could help their agents be more successful.


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Context && Challenges Challenges

For over 20 years BARNES has been a leading international player in high-end residential real estate, and is now established in the world’s most popular cities and top holiday destinations. BARNES Miami wanted to promote 9 new luxury developments programs in Miami and were not getting any leads through their website.


We created a high-converting result-oriented landing page that properly suits the aim of PPC campaigns – followed by an omni-channel ads strategy on Facebook / IG / Google Ads platforms.

Landing page

We first created a high-converting, and results-oriented landing page that captured the stunning beauty and quality of the 9 new development programs located in Miami. Eye-catching and concise headlines, strong calls to action and lead-generation forms were used to increase and optimize the conversion rate.

Social Ads

On Facebook/IG, we were able to prospect new potential customers by using the Lookalike audience tool offered by the Facebook platform, and merge these with an internal base audience to generate a strong uptick in lead generation.

Google Ads

On Google Ads, we carefully selected the best mix of highly-targeted keywords, keyword match types and location targeting to get ads in front of the right audience while crafting highly-relevant ad copy to stand out from the competition and drive leads at the highest possible conversion rate.
30 days into the client engagement we exceeded the goal by delivering high-quality, paid-search leads at an $18.60 cost per conversion and 11.5% conversion rate.
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$ 3.5
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Your brand is extraordinary,extraordinary, your digital presence as to be as well.