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Start reachingreaching potential potential customers at each stage of their journey from awareness to conversion.

On a daily basis, Facebook is used by about 1 billion people on the earth. That equates to approximately one out of every ten people on the planet using social media.

Through your primary social media channel, Facebook Marketing offers you a huge potential to expand your brand and enhance your sales.

Facebook can target your clients down to the smallest of information, such as age, gender, marital status, income, type of home, interests, purchasing history, and so on. You may pinpoint your target customer so accurately that your adverts are only seen by them.

What we can do is assist you in identifying your target demographic and then running advertising that respond to your company needs. You can focus solely on your business while our agency manages your Facebook advertisements, knowing that they are performing at their peak.

We offer the following paid social services in Miami & New York

Facebook Ad Management
Custom Audiences
monthly reporting

Facebook Leads
Tracking conversions


Audiences desire to be entertained. Yet, more and more, many Instagram marketing companies waste time and resources on ineffective, bland content ideas as opposed to building lasting and engaging thoughtful experiences. By curating and collaborating on a catalog of original, educational and engaging content, you can build brand trust, loyalty and awareness.

Facebook ad management

For most business owners, creating a Facebook profile is simple. However, getting more likes, shares, and comments might be challenging! Our marketing specialist maintains your ad budget while focusing on getting the highest return on your investment for your company.

daily optimization

Facebook analytics are a difficult set of balancing acts to master. Even little mistakes like posting status updates at the incorrect time of day or using ineffective hashtags can detract from what analytics indicate should be interesting content. We crunch the figures and analyze data patterns to ensure that your Facebook post reaches your target demographic as effectively as possible.

Build Custom Audiences

Getting the right audience is crucial for a successful Facebook Ad. We will build custom and lookalike audiences based on your customer lists & based on your targeted audiences.

conversion tracking

Our team uses tracking tools to determine where a company’s advertising goals are most successful and where potential for improvement exists. We can then design methods to optimize future advertising efforts based on specific indicators such as conversion rate and click-throughs.

We offer our paid social services to local businesses in the following industries

Restaurants & Bars
Fashion stores
Spas / Esthetic center
Hair salons

Luxury Real estate AGENCIES & REaltors
Interior DesignERS
Artists, Galleries & Creatives

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